Some of our goals includes

  1. Enabling service users to manage their lives within the framework of the house and within the community, taking full responsibility for their actions.
  2. Having the right to be present in the community and to live in ordinary housing.
  3. Providing the highest standard of quality care and support in a pleasant and homely surrounding.
  4. Enabling users to gain self respect and the respect of others as well as to have the same status in their community.
  5. Supporting them to develop their skills and competence.

Who we are

Gideon Supported Housing provides 24hour support to a mixed gender service with a strong focus on personal development, social inclusion and integration into the

At Gideon Housing we aim to provide a productive environment by
promoting a rehabilitation programme designed to work with the differing needs of individual service user.

Gideon Supported Housing Head Office is situated on a quiet residential area in Royal Borough of Greenwich. Our supported housing are located in Thamesmead and also within 500 Metres of a lively shopping area with many shops, cafes and amenities. The central location of the houses will enable service users to socialise with other residents in the area.

Gideon Supported Housing is aimed at providing supported accommodation and
services for people (Ages18 and above) suffering from severe and enduring mental
health problems, physical disability including cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis,
learning difficulty, Autism and Asperger syndrome, substance misuse including
(alcohol abuse) needing low to high support level in our supported housing.

All of our staff are CRB checked and we are CQC registered.

Each service users will be supported in such a way that exhibits the core values as stated in CARE STANSDARD ACT 2000.


  1. Life skills/Coping skills (i.e. Money management).
  2. College/Education groups/Qualifying for a profession of their choice
  3. Attending day centres
  4. Social and leisure activities such as cinema/eating out/organised trips to local parks, seaside, and places of interest, museums, and art galleries.
  5. Fitness and Exercise such as swimming or gym
  6. Encouraging planning, shopping and preparing meals themselves.

Service users are encouraged to attend local religious places of their choice. Libraries and local educational institutes are usually recommended to take service users to advantage of local facilities.

We promote the involvement of families and seek to involve service users in decision that affect their lives as well as offering support and continuing help to their families, carers and friends.

Service users are also encouraged to visit their relatives or keep in touch by telephone, letter writing, and email.

Attention to every details

Olu Banjo our Manager is our Registered Responsible Individual and qualified
Mental Health Nurse with more than 16 years’ experience in all areas of mental health and learning difficulty including dual diagnosis and substance misuse.

The duration of rehabilitation Programme range from six months to two years, working in collaboration with local community based services i.e. (Job Centres, Colleges) and Health Care Professionals.

Care plans will contain long and short-term goals and will be reviewed on a monthly basis to assess the challenging needs of the service user.

At the end of every six months a review will take place to identify whether continued support of rehabilitation or more independent accommodation is required.

To ensure that the assessment is completed whilst gaining all of the necessary information, potential service users will be assessed by the Service Coordinator and the Responsible individual who will then develop care plans from all information
gathered during the assessment, referral and psychiatric reports.

Many people who suffer with mental illnesses are subject to social isolation and it is our aim to ensure that our service users are provided with the opportunities to take control over their own lives to overcome the feelings of worthlessness and build on their confidence to become a valued member of the community.

We love to hear from you

If you have used our services before, we love to hear from you. Tell us and the whole community how you felt when you called on us and how we assisted to make things better